The Blood Suckers slot includes a theme inspired by vampires.

The Blood Suckers slot is the perfect slot game for lovers of the dark, but at the same time, the fascinating world of vampires Blood Suckers is a modern video slot game consisting of 5 reels and 25 payment lines. There are also Scotter winnings, wild symbols, and a bonus game to make the chills come! The game has an RTP equal to 98% and low volatility.

The Blood Suckers slot includes a theme inspired by vampires.

The Blood Suckers slot Machine: General rules and information

  1. Blood Suckers is a slot game consisting of 5 reels and 25 episode lines. Each line has four episode levels.
  2. To play, it is necessary first to set the value of the tokens, then the number of episode lines, and at the end, the number of tokens per line.
  3. The slot game presents wild symbols, scatters, and bonus game winnings.
  4. To generate a win, it is necessary to align three equal symbols in succession from the first roller to the left. Consult the paytable for more details.
  5. The percentage of return to the player is 98%.

The Blood Suckers slot includes a theme inspired by vampires and a thrilling graphic sector with scenarios set in the middle of the night in the streets of a small town and symbols with wooden poles, potions, and mysterious books. The rules of the slot game instead include 5 rollers on which 25 episode lines are always active, on which to compose winning combinations and activate bonus functions such as the free spins and the bonus game. The player can use to compose winning combinations only regular symbols and not special symbols, which instead can be used to activate special functions and gambling bonuses. To compose a combination associated with prizes in particular, the player must extract at least 3 equal symbols in boxes of at least 3 adjacent rollers suffering from the first left and on a single episode line.

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The prizes associated with the winning combinations extracted during the game are calculated as a certain number of times the value of the episode for the betting line and vary both on the basis of the type of symbols that make them up and according to the number. The major prizes, for example, are associated with combinations consisting of five symbols, including a vampire with a strange red hat, and can reach 1000 tokens. To access the payments and the rules of the slot or to access the various game controls, instead, you can use the buttons present at the bottom. On the left, for example, the menu button is provided with the various slot options and the regulation. At the center, on the other hand, the buttons are present to change the bet, start a game, and activate or deactivate the automatic game mode. The only one of the special symbols to be used in addition to pre-composing winning combinations is the wild symbol with prizes, among other things, among the highest expected by the game for a single combination that can reach 15,000 tokens in this case.


The Blood Suckers slot’ Wild Symbol

The Blood Suckers’ Wild Symbol of the Blood Suckers slot game djarumtoto is represented by vampires about to suck the blood from the neck of a blonde Donzella. The wild symbol is associated with two different functions, as it can be used both to compose winning combinations and as a jolly symbol. This second function in particular allows him to replace any other symbol of the game, with the exception of bonus symbols and scatters, so that he can complete or expand the extracted winning combinations. When extracted in at least 2 rollers close from the left and on a line of episodes, it composes its own winning combinations as any other regular symbol of the game.


Blood Sucker’s Free Spin mode

The free spins bonus is one of the two bonus functions provided by the Blood Suckers slot game and can be activated during the main game by extracting three or more scatter symbols. The bonus consists of 10 free games. The free spins of the Blood Surkers slot game are played on the same number of episode lines as the game that activated them. During this mode, the winnings will be tripled, excluding those deriving from further free spins or from the bonus game. During the free spins bonus, it is also possible to compose winning combinations and extract special symbols with mechanics almost identical to those of the main game. During the bonus, it is not possible to change the value of the bet that remains unchanged until the end of the bonus itself. All the prizes associated with the winning combinations extracted during the bonus are always calculated for the payment using that bet in the game in which the bonus was activated as a reference episode.

Combinations of Symbols Scatter with vampires during the main game or during the free spins bonus also allows you to obtain prizes, albeit with rules other than those provided for regular symbols or for the Wild symbol. The scatter symbol, in fact, is not subject to the constraints concerning the episode lines of the game and allows for prizes to be obtained even when extracted from boxes far from each other. The prizes associated with this kind of combination are calculated as a number of times the value of the total bet in the current play. The multiplier to be used to calculate the winning prize varies according to the number of scatter extracts. With 2 Scatters, for example, the player gets a prize equal to 2 times the episode; with 3 Scatters, he gets a prize equal to 4 times that amount; and with 4 and 5 runs on the rewards rollers, they are equal to 25 and 100 times the episode, respectively.

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